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2019 Data on ASK Amounts for Named Gifts

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XYZ Charity ASK Amounts for Named Gifts


Endow the College $54,000,000
Name the Building $28,000,000
Name the Atrium                           $1,500,000
Name the Tiered Classroom, 150 seats                 $   750,000
Name the Chemistry Laboratory           $   500,000
Name the Graduate Student Lounge           $   140,000
Endowed Chair, Top Tier University  $5,000,000
Endowed Chair, Community College  $1,000,000
Endowment for Sunset Professor $750,000



Named Gifts Received 2019


ABC Charity, New Orleans, LA $13,500,000 from A. Blake, Atlanta, GA Name the building
BBB Hospital, Baltimore, MD $12,000,000 from G. Whiz, Lester, PA Name the tower
Cancer Center $7,500,000 from Than Kew, Seattle, WA Name 2nd Floor


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