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Blog - Canadian Landscape Artist

Thnk about your view of the future

What can have a big impact on securing Major Gifts?

Recent information

Subscribers to our database receive continuous updates 
featuring Press Release details of charitable support

from those we develop Monthly Summaries of the details 
of Major Gifts made to Canadian charities

> Who made the donation
> Identifying the Charity that received support

> Notes to describe USE of Funds
> Dollar Amout
> Location of Charity - City & Province

Keep going, a little more detail for Each Entry

> What Type of Donor - tag as One of Three Types of Donors
~ Individual, Private Foundation or Corporate

> What Type of Charity received funding - tag as One of Eight Types of Charities
~ HiEd1, HiEd2, Education, Hospital, Healthcare, Social Services, Environment, Arts & Culture

Major Gifts 2 Go!
A powerful resource, delivered in Excel workbook
Sort, Re-arrange, Pivot Tables as you like, you get the file 
available to customize it as you prefer

Every bit of information pulled from those Press Releases is slotted into 
an easy-to-view ~ easy-to-use file called Major Gifts 2 Go!

50 or more entries per month has been common since Monthly
edition in January 2017

April 2020 subscribers reviewed 127 entries, 
such was the activity in Canadian philanthropy

For those who need to move on fundraisng efforts this information
gives you an updated view on the changing landscape

Check it out for yourself with a ZOOM session, 
to register Email or Call


How Much to ASK for Naming Rights

since 2006 I have been assisting organizations answer that question

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
University of Washington
University of Pittsburgh
St. Jude's Children's Hospital
and many others

Recently I created a new reference tool, includes:

over 8,000 ASK Amounts for Naming Opportunities 
~ 5,000 + from 2019 and 2020

over 250 entries for Named Gifts Received from 2019 
and 55 from 2020 priort to March 15th when COVID-19 support took over

over 1,000 entries listing Endowment Levels

ASKs to Name a Building
ASKs to Name a College / School

University of Guelph Addition - Guelph, Ontario - 2017 - Tilt Wall ...

come and check it out, ZOOM session of 15 - 20 minutes 
you can decide for your self


contact Terry Burton ~ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

telephone ~ 519-956-9493

Dig In Research 2007 Inc.
Windsor, ON



Canadian Updates

Toronto, Ontario - The Rogers family is coming to the aid of Canadians most affected by the financial...

Waterloo, Ontario - Economical Insurance is proud to announce that it will be granting donations to...

Langley, British Columbia - With a surge in demand on local food banks amid the COVID-19 pandemic,...

American Updates

Private Foundations donation to MaineGeneral Health announced

Naming Rights bestowed in...

Chicago, Illinois - Center for Cellular Therapy named earlier this month in recognition of financial...

Baltimore, Maryland - The Baltimore Museum of Art has announced a $3.5 million gift from an...