New Report: Who will be the Next to donate $10 million or more?

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Who will be the NEXT to donate $10 million or more to a Canadian charity?
by Terry Burton

My next feature report is a forecast of high level philanthropy in Canada.
You may have a few names that come to mind. How many can you think of?

What if you had access to a Forecast on Philanthropy? A report that offers data points
such as Markers of Wealth, Markers of Philanthropy. Snapshots of Philanthropists
in an easy-to-review format.

Available November 2016

High Level Philanthropy in Canada
Who will be the next to donate $10 million or more
to a Canadian Charity?

> A report the features names of Individuals and Private Foundations
that fit the criteria to make a donation of $10 million or more

> A report that offers you insights and analysis:

... Elite Level Philanthropists - more than a dozen

... Engaged Level Philanthropists 

... Newbies & First Timers

... Expats who continue to support Canadian charities

... American Foundations


A separate chapter on Corporate Giving and which companies are included in this forecast.

For the past 25 years I have been tracking and reporting on major gift activity across Canada.
This report offers you my forecast on who will be among the next group to donate $10 million or more.

Analysis of Top 5 Emerging Trends in Major Gift donations in Canada

YTD donations of $1 million or more announced in Canada
to September 30, 2016

2016 - 177 Major Gifts

2015 - 148 Major Gifts

Declining # of donors according to some sources? Not here.

There has been a sharp increase in High Level Philanthropy in Canada.

Not all charities are seeing a decline. Many are reporting more giving.
The number of large donations of $10 million or more is on the rise.
Are you ASKING the right amount?

If you accept the message that donations are falling then you really need to know
WHO continues to make these major gifts. Competitive intelligence.



High Level Philanthropy in Canada

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This report will be delivered in electronic format,
ease-of-use for your own analysis, searches and review.

Budget ~ $1,495.00

No additional taxes

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